Snippet Sync

Recently I got the chance to attend an advanced iOS Training held by a coach from the Big Nerd Ranch. It was no surprise that the training actually was amazing. Every once in a while, the coach showed some details and features in Xcode to the colleagues with a little less experience. One such feature was the code snippets you can create within Xcode and a colleague pointed out a problem with them that I also always had and which is the reason I never use them: If you work on another computer or your Mac had to be reinstalled for some reason, all your code snippets were gone ... [Read More]

All new but still the same

I moved this site away from Wordpress and run a completely different system now. I tend to become a software purist lately and regarding this blog I wanted to get rid of Wordpress and get the site’s configuration and content as slim as possible as I move more and more towards open standards, tools and most importantly plain text files in favor of proprietary file formats. This is a short overview of what I created, how I got there and how my workflow to publish new posts has changed from it’s original Wordpress installation. [Read More]

Swift and its Day-to-Day Problems

I recently got back into Mac development in my job (which by the way makes be incredibly happy, but this is another story). I get to work on a cool project for which I decided to go with Swift as the development language. I’m a long time Objective-C user and know a lot of amazing stuff you can do with it. I admit that I might have done some things in the past that might make some people out there very anxious, but that’s how the Objective-C world rolls ... [Read More]

We need to slow down

I get it. Apple blew it! The keynote was lame as always and there was not a single awesome new thing announced. Or… was it? I thought so too! I can not remember when I was that disappointed of a WWDC keynote before. They basically completely neglected the Mac and focused only on silly teenage stickers in Messages and presented a new Music app that looked just as crappy as the one before ... [Read More]

WWDC 2016 – Apple is different

At the end of today’s WWDC keynote Apple made it clear again, that all those shiny (useless?) so-called „AI“ features everybody is talking about these days are possible without knowing every single detail about their users. They don’t want to know it and they don’t need to know it. Tell me how great your Google and Amazon boxes are, what they can do to make you even more lazy every day and that you don’t care that they know everything about you and your life and everything you do ... [Read More]

☞ Cocoa Pulver Folge 14: Vom App Entwickler zum Web Entwickler und zurück

Nach mehr als 2 Jahren war ich mal wieder bei Kay zu Gast beim Cocoa Pulver Podcast. Hat mal wieder Spaß gemacht! Ein buntes Potpourris an Themen bei dem nichts ausgelassen wurde 😉 Manuel und ich diskutieren beim Kaminfeuer und kühlem Bier wie man sich neben den beruflichen Herausforderungen noch Zeit für das Lieblingshobby nehmen kann. Das meiste ist Liebhaberrei, was bei rauskommt, weiss man aber nie. Softwarequalität ist auch noch ein Thema, wir werden philosophisch mit Swift und denken über die Welt der Indie Entwickler nach ... [Read More]